Church & Society

The purpose of Centennial’s Church & Society Ministry “shall be to relate the gospel of Jesus Christ to the members of the Church and to the persons and structures of the communities and world in which they live. It shall seek to bring the whole of human life, activities, possessions, use of resources, and community and world relationships into conformity with the will of God. It shall show the members of the Church and the society that the reconciliation that God effected through Christ involves personal, social, and civic righteousness”.

The Wheatley Project
In an effort to fulfill our purpose and support our schools in the community with action, Centennial UMC has adopted Phillis Wheatley Elementary School. Our focus is specifically on encouraging, supporting and uplifting the teachers and staff with  positive involvement. Wheatley is located right in the heart of the urban core of Kansas, City Missouri. It has over 400 students, 33% are special needs, 80% are African American, and 20% Hispanic and Caucasian. They currently have approximately 70 staff members.


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