Financial Giving: Why Should I Give?

For many of the seekers struggling with associating themselves with the organized Christian Church, one of the main areas of contention is found in the subject of “giving”.  Whether someone in their church home mismanaged the gifts of the flock, or there is an attitude of “I’ve earned mine, you need to get yours” the idea of “giving” often falls on deaf ears.  As someone who has grown from giving nothing to giving with a joyful heart, what made (and makes) sense for me was not the Old Testament ideal of 10% from our first fruits; but, rather the thought that everything, and I mean EVERY THING on this earth belongs to the Lord.  If I hold fast to “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it…” (Psalm 24:1) then EVERY THING I have is the Lord’s!  My career…the Lord’s!  My pension and retirement accounts…the Lord’s!  My home and automobiles…the Lord’s!  My health…the Lord’s!  Even my family belongs to the Lord!  So, my “giving” is not based on the idea of what is owed to God; but, rather the idea that I am a steward of EVERY THING God has given me!  In other words, I give back what has already been given to me.  And, the truth is that no matter how much I might desire to give, I could never match God’s gift to me and the rest of humanity (read John 3:16)!  I give joyfully (2Corinthians 9:7) of my time, talents and treasure because God loved me enough!  What about you?  Do you recognize God’s love (read: “grace”) on and in your life?  When you do I believe you too will become a joyful “giver”!

Giving of our Time, Talents and Service: The Connection

The Connection is the bridge that connects members and guests to the ministries of Centennial United Methodist Church.

Its purpose is to provide:

-An outlet for persons looking for something productive to do.

-A better perspective of how the ministries of Centennial operate and what they offer

-Ways that the body of Centennial can better serve and interact with the surrounding Kansas City Metropolitan area


Mission Statement: To recognize our gifts, thus equipping us for works of service that will allow us to grow in Christian love and into a strong body of Christ.

Get involved by visiting the bulletin board in the vestibule or by emailing: