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Centennial UMC Ministries

Welcome to the vibrant and purposeful ministries of Centennial, where we are dedicated to fostering community, embracing diversity, and growing in faith together. Explore the unique facets of our ministries:

Radical Hospitality

Usher Board

Our Usher Boards ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere for everyone entering the doors of CUMC


Creating an inclusive environment for fellowship and connection.

Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Team under the leadership of Deacon Jamil Hendricks oversees our Congregational Care ministry, offering support and compassion to our church family.

Trustee Work Group

The Trustee Work Group ensures the responsible stewardship of our church building resources and maintenance.

Risk-Taking Missions

Our Risk-Taking Missions ministry, under compassionate leadership, seeks to make a positive impact beyond our church walls:

After-School Learning Lab

Our After School Learning Lab, provides a supportive environment for educational growth.

Blessing Bags

Our Blessing Bags initiative extends a helping hand to those in need within our community.

Lincoln College Preparatory Academy Partnership

Is our ongoing partnership with Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, fostering collaboration for the betterment of our local and global community.

Intentional Faith Development

Under the banner of Intentional Faith Development, we strive for spiritual growth and learning:

Seasonal Small Groups

Engage in thoughtful discussions and fellowship through our Seasonal Small Groups. Everyone is welcome to participate in our Advent, Black History, and Easter Small Groups.

Monthly Men's Bible Study

Join us two Saturdays a month for a dedicated time of studying the Word and fellowship.

Children's Ministry

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday during worship service, our Children's Ministry provides a nurturing space for our young ones.

Youth Ministry

Every Sunday morning at 10 am, our Youth Ministry offers a dynamic environment for teenagers to grow in faith and community.


The Centennial United Women In Faith Unit supports women, children, and families both Local & Global. Local agencies that we have supported are Della Lamb, Veterans Community Project, KC Hospice House, and The Community Linc Project . We are faithful in our support to our annual Missions Budget to the MO Conference to be used Globally. We also participate in many projects of the Northwest District of the United Women in Faith. MISSION IS WHAT WE DO!

Passionate Worship

Join us every Sunday morning at 10 am for a transformative worship experience:

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild team ensures our sacred spaces reflect reverence and beauty. The Altar Guild cares for the altar, vestments, vessels, and altar linens of the church. Members work behind the scenes to arrange the Lord's Table for communion and adorn the church with appropriate elements and symbols of the season. Additionally, the Altar Guild ensures worship areas are cleaned after services.


Our choirs and praise team usher us into a spirit of worship by leading us in harmonious praise.

Worship Leaders

Our worship leaders help create an atmosphere of reverence and joy on Sunday mornings by guiding us through the worship service.

Media Team & Communications

Our Media and Communications Team collaborates to enhance our worship experience and keep our community connected across social media platforms.

Extrovagent Generosity

Under the leadership of Rev. D. Quinn, our Extravagant Generosity ministry encourages a spirit of abundance and giving:

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee manages the financial aspects of our church, ensuring responsible stewardship of our church finances.


The Stewardship Committee oversees our Stewardship efforts, by promoting an atmosphere of giving


Our Fundraising initiatives, including the exciting Gospel Jazz Brunch, are managed by our team of committed knowledgeable volunteers. They work to ensure the mission of the church is well funded.

Explore, engage, and grow with us as we continue our journey of faith together at Centennial. Your participation is a vital part of the rich tapestry of our church family.

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