Think of us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries. Moreover, it is required of stewards that they be found trustworthy.” (I Corinthians 4:1-2)

The Greek word oikonomous, translated “Steward” in the New Testament, literally means “manager of the household.” The English word “Steward” is from the Olde English stygeward (stywarden), referring to the keeper of another’s pig sty. In both cases the “Steward” is responsible for that which belongs to someone else.

Thus, Christian Stewardship is a lifestyle choice that recognizes that everything is a gift from God. God is the true owner of all that we have in life. Our responsibility as Christian stewards is to faithfully manage all the gifts that we have received from God. Jesus consistently taught that our responsibility as disciples is to recognize that God is the provider of all that we possess and call our own. A Christian steward responds to God’s gracious goodness by contributing his or her time, talent, prayers, and financial resources to Christ’s Service with a willing and joyful spirit.

Among the ministries that Centennial’s Stewardship Team has recently led:

  • The creation of the Get Involved brochure which outlines the ministries of Centennial and is given to each first time visitor.
  • The creation of The Connection– which seeks to link members with Centennial Ministries in which they can serve God with their talents and skills.
  • The New Consecration Sunday Giving Campaign– Calling every member to prayerfully consider the financial resources God is calling them to give to the Ministry of Christ through Centennial.
  • A Prayer Breakfast program entitled God’s Call in God’s Good Old Time!– which featured five members sharing how they feel God is calling them to use their talents in Christ’s Service.
  • A Week of Prayer for Families in June; and a Week of Prayer for our Schools as the school year began.
  • A Prayer Breakfast program on the subject of Urban Education, led by Dr. Ed Underwood, the Executive Director of the UMKC Institute of Urban Education housed in the UMKC School of Education.
  • In organizing Christmas in October– this year, with the help of some friends from Country Club United Methodist Church, we painted, repaired, and yard cleaned the houses of three persons in our Church Family.

Clarence Stoughton, a 20th century Lutheran Pastor said it well– “Stewardship is everything you do after you say, ‘Yes’‘to Jesus.”

Restoration of Hope 2012

As 2012 dawned, Stewardship led the church in the following litany, praying for hope and healing for a variety of issues facing our church, our community and our world.


Let pray for God to restore our hope in 2012.

We praise You and thank You, O God, because only You are the source of true and undying hope. In the midst of uncertainty, we bow before You seeking a restoration of our hope in this new year. 

We pray for Your world, O God, that the leaders of every nation may find restored hope in Your vision for peace, justice, and mercy, and work vigorously to free all people from oppression, poverty, hunger, and disease.

We pray for this nation, O God; that You will bless us with the restored hope that comes from our embracing Your wisdom, so that the poor will no longer be oppressed and the rich will no longer be oppressors.

We pray for you to restore our hope in the healing of our metroplex, that violence will no longer be the choice for solving disputes, that the hungry and homeless will find nourishing food and safe shelter, and that our school systems will make our children their first priority.

We pray that you will restore Your hope in the midst of the circumstances of our personal lives, that we might know a growing sureness that You are with us each step of the way, that, even if our worse fears are realized, You will not let us go, and that, You will continue to guide us to grow in faith and service.

Above all else, O God, restore our hope in the truth that with You, all things are possible, which also means that, with You, we have the power to make a difference in this world, in this nations, in this city, and in the personal lives of all in our Church Family. For the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory are Yours, now and for ever. Amen.