Christian Education

One can never be too old – or too young – to learn something new about God’s plan for our lives. Centennial offers a variety of Sunday School classes, Vacation Bible Study (each Summer) and bi-weekly Bible Study sessions to provide additional guidance for Christians along their spiritual walk!

Sunday School Classes include:
Kindergarten & First Grade
Elementary I (2nd & 3rd Grades)
Elementary II (4th & 5th Grades)
Junior/Senior High
Bridges (Young Adults)
James A. Woods Sunday School Class
Cora L. Moore Sunday School Class
Aaron Poole Sunday School Class
Rose Bell Sunday School Class

“In Sunday school you can learn so much from so many saints that are all at different places in their spiritual walk. It prepares and exposes you to so much and allows you to gain much more out of the sermon. I love seeing the children so eager to share what they have learned and the pride they take in learning about Jesus.” – India Ewing, Superintendent, Sunday School

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