Usher Boards

Centennial has three hard-working and dedicated Usher Boards. Learn more about them (and how to join) below.

Senior Usher Board

Information for those interested in joining the Senior Usher Board:

  • Active members are required to be in appropriate attire and usher on scheduled Sundays.
  • Arrive by 10:30 a.m. to receive duties and 1 or 2 people assemble for prayer with the choir.
  • Active members are required to attend regularly scheduled meetings-called by the President.
  • Dues for the year – $57.00
  • Small amounts may be paid at anytime to Gloria Brown. All dues must be paid by the end of November. Each scheduled Sunday we usher, we pay $1.00 for incidental fees for members who are sick or lose a loved one from their immediate family.
  • New members will receive an usher pin. If an usher pin is lost or misplaced, you are responsible for the purchase of another pin.
  • Uniforms are white for the summer months – blue blouses (no collar) and white shoes. We wear this uniform from May to September, depending on weather and Labor Day. We change into our dark clothes beginning in October. We wear navy blue uniforms with a white blouse (no collar) and navy blue shoes. Shoes must have heel and toes in. Pantyhose, skin tone only, must be worn at all times. 

Usher Board #2
Coming Soon!

Youth Usher Board
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