Xai-Xai United Methodist Church

Centennial United Methodist Church of Kansas City is in partnership with the Xai-Xai United Methodist Church of Xai-Xai, Mozambique. This is a part of the Mozambique Initiative through which United Methodist Churches in both countries help each other in faith and ministry.

After several years of civil war in the late 20th century, followed by severe drought and then flooding, the people of Mozambique suffered from extreme poverty.

Centennial Church began by sending $900 per year to the Xai-Xai Church. Initially, this money was used to pay the salary of the Xai-Xai pastor. But as that church became able to pay for their own pastor, the congregation began using our annual gift to purchase materials to replace their temporary structure with a permanent building. Now that the permanent building has been completed and is in use, our contributions are focused on a project to help the church become self-sustaining. Meanwhile, the Xai-Xai Church and their pastor, the Rev. Neila Chicaveli, are prayer partners with us at Centennial, and both congregations write occasional letters of encouragement to each other.

In the last two years, an anonymous member at Centennial has provided two gifts of $500 so the Xai-Xai people can buy school supplies to help 50 needy children from their community attend a learning activity called “Beloved Child.”

-Keith and Marcia Berry